CURRENT PRICE:  $2500  effective 10/6/2019


Factors Affecting Puppy Prices:

 We have been asked if a companion or pet is less expensive than a show quality newf.  All of our dogs are show quality, some are just closer to perfect than others.  We don't charge more for a show newf because we know that the owner(s) will need to spend money on entry fees, grooming and handling as well as travel expenses to get to the shows.  A show newf is actually much more expensive because of these costs.  So why do some breeders charge less for their dogs?  Many "mini mill" breeders will charge less because they breed alot of dogs each year and with that volume they can charge less.  Many of these breeders do not do all of the health checks, they might show their dogs but not seriously they are just making an appearance.  Be sure to do your homework and consider the cost of hip surgery or the heart ache having a dog die very young because their parents were not checked for things like Cystinuria.  We health screen all of our dogs and we breed to produce a limited number of puppies each year.  It isn't uncommon to spend $10,000 to produce 4 puppies.  The price we charge doesn't come close to covering the costs of breeding. Also, please read this article I don't want a show dog I just want a pet


Below I have outlined just a few of the factors that go into the purchase price of a Belle Harbour Newfoundland Puppy. These costs are PER Dog.


General Care of Sire and/or Dam:


Dog Shows


Health Clearances

CERF (Eyes)

General Blood Panel

Breeding Costs

Pre-Natal Care

Puppy Care given prior to going to new homes (each puppy)

Time, Services and other factors

These are just a few of the things that go into the purchase price of a puppy. Another thing to keep in mind,

the purchase price may be one of the largest one-time expenses, but it is miniscule in the overall cost of care

for the lifetime of a Newfoundland Dog or Puppy who will share his or her life with you. Responsible breeders take

great care in insuring that you are getting a healthy puppy who will be an excellent example of the Newfoundland breed.

At Belle Harbour we take our responsibility as breeders seriously.